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How to build an aluminum stage?

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How to build an aluminum stage?

The stage is an essential piece of equipment in artistic performances. There are diverse types of stages, which can be divided into different categories according to their shape. The product we are introducing today is the aluminium stage, the installation steps of which will be described in this article. At the same time, we will also introduce the characteristics and history of the aluminium stage.


The development history of aluminium

The characteristics of aluminum stage

How to install aluminum stage?


The development history of aluminium

Aluminium is a high-strength metal that is much lighter than iron. 6061 alloy was invented by Alcoa in 1933, which then created the extruder quenching process, significantly expanding the range of applications for extruded profiles, which also laid the foundation for the later use of aluminium alloys.


As research into the material aspects of aluminium alloys intensified, high-strength aluminium alloys with their excellent overall performance have been used in commercial aircraft for more than 80% of their structural mass. Today, aluminium alloys can be found everywhere. In addition to aluminium stages, our company also produces aluminium trusses, which are favoured by many manufacturers for their range of advantages.


The characteristics of aluminum stage


Our aluminium stages come in a wide range of shapes, such as round, T-stage, and square stages. Different shapes are available depending on the requirements, for example, the T-stage is used for general music performances and exhibitions.


Due to the special physical properties of aluminium, the weight of an aluminium stage is much less than that of a steel stage, making it more portable. In addition to this, the aluminium stages in the sector are also designed to be folded, so that they can be stored away when not in use, reducing their footprint.


These are the main features of the aluminium stage, which is a very popular modern stage. Of course, when using the aluminium stage, we also need to use it in combination with other equipment. For example, trusses and stage lighting.


How to install an aluminum stage?

The installation of the aluminium stage needs to take into account factors such as the weather, temperature, operating platform, welding equipment, welding materials, and site, all of which will affect the installation of aluminium stages. When installing the stage, ensure that the paving floor must be flat and clean. Then, according to the scene design, the order will be lined up, aligned, and merged, pay attention to the paving process to take care of the overall effect of the site, to ensure the beauty of the aluminium stage.


These are the main steps in the installation of the aluminium stage, according to the different quality of the aluminium stages, different materials, you need to use different ways to install. No matter what the occasion is when you choose to use the aluminium stage you need to ensure its quality, only then can you use the assembled stage better. Therefore, when buying a stage, it is important to ensure the quality of the product.

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