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How to build an All-Terrain stage?

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How to build an All-Terrain stage?

Lightweight modular and height-adjustable all-terrain portable staging is one of the only stages on the market today. They can be set up outdoors or indoors on uneven ground or slopes and even at the beach. It's ultra-strong, supporting a whopping 280 pounds per square foot, making it one of the most robust portable stage systems available, consisting of modular 4x4 platforms. Universal lightweight legs that can be height adjusted 'add to 24 to 48 inches. All-terrain smart and simple modular assembly and disassemble and allow you to expand or configure your stage as needed. Take a look at how to build an all-terrain stage.

How to build an all-terrain stage?

Step 1

First, assemble all your stage legs by connecting the top fixture extension tube. The leg bases adjust and lock the middle extension tube to the height you would like your stage to be set. You'll never need to purchase another stage again because all-terrain staging rugged construction stands up to years of abuse, and if your size or height needs ever change, you can just reconfigure your stage to fit your change.

Step 2

Now position four legs on the ground where you would like to set up your first platform. If you're setting up your stage on uneven ground, simply adjust the screw adjustment on the leg base to change the height of each leg as needed.

Step 3

Next, slide the side panels into the blue mark tubes on the legs, lock them into place with the locking pins, and make sure your frame is level using a leveling tool. If it does not simply screw or unscrew the individual legs as needed, place your platform on top of the frame. It's as easy as that. Now simply repeat the same procedure for the other platforms adding steps.

Step 4

Attach your stairs by sliding the stair pegs into the red marked tubes on the stage legs attaching guardrails. Now slide the guardrails into the marked blue holes shown on the legs. Once all the guardrails are in place, secure the corners together using corner assembly hardware. You can also easily elevate a staging section or create quarrel or seated risers by adding an extension fixture to your stage legs. Make sure the stage is set up correctly before using it.

Final Words

Built from a lightweight all-aluminum construction, all-terrain staging is available in weatherproof and waterproof finishes. These stages are portable and very easy to set up. I hope the article will help you o understand how to build an all-terrain stage. These stages can be used for any outdoor and indoor events. In addition, the stages are robust and can withstand heavy loads.

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