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Basic introduction of aluminum stage

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Basic introduction of aluminum stage

Basic introduction of aluminum stage

Aluminum alloy stage is a commonly used activity stage and a popular stage in domestic and foreign markets. It adopts disassembly design, beautiful and generous, convenient structure, adjustable height and strong stability. The installation and disassembly are convenient, the installation efficiency is improved, and the stage performance is safe and durable. The stage height has four adjustable ranges. It can be spliced with any unit and is suitable for different terrain environments. The stage frame is welded with high-quality aluminum alloy material, with beautiful appearance. T-shaped groove is designed around the frame, which is convenient for users to decorate the stage. Aluminum alloy glass stage can also be used. The stage table is equipped with advanced anti-skid materials, which are beautiful, safe and reliable. The foot height can be adjusted. The specifications can be freely selected according to the needs of users. The export anti-skid plate has good quality and good effect. It is equipped with stage stairs, which can be placed at will. Anywhere on the stage, for the convenience of stage performers, the overall effect is perfect and the quality is guaranteed. Specifications and sizes can also be customized.

The conventional specifications of aluminum alloy stage are square and rectangular, and other sizes can also be customized according to customer requirements. The stress is relatively uniform, and the panel adopts building plywood (double-layer baffle and double-layer waterproof). The stage board is made of wood splint, bamboo splint, fireproof waterproof board, toughened glass, plexiglass, stage foot and other accessories made of aluminum alloy. Stage components: stage panel, stage frame, overall stage support, lifting sleeve adjustment, adjustable foot cup. The bench is made of aluminum alloy, with good safety, high structural strength and strong bearing capacity. It fully meets the stability and load-bearing requirements of the stage. The stage support consists of three parts.

The aluminum alloy stage is characterized by:

1. All direction detachable, only the board and stage insert occupy the position, and all stage supports are detachable;

2. High cost performance;

3. The installation and disassembly are convenient and fast. Plug-in installation is adopted without any installation tools;

4. Good stability and large bearing capacity;

5. Stage activities meet the needs of customers on the stage, and can be used together with loading, which is convenient and fast.

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