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how to install non-standard aluminum scaffolding

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how to install non-standard aluminum scaffolding

Compared with high-altitude products such as elevators, aluminum alloy scaffolding adopts a modular assembly method, and all components are highly standardized. In addition to using standard aluminum alloy scaffolding to build, it can also be built to meet the needs of the construction site. The required special-shaped aluminum alloy scaffolding can meet the needs of on-site construction.

1. Build on the steps

Aluminum scaffolding can easily build a working platform aluminum frame on the steps (such as: stairs, escalators, elevators, etc.);

2. Suspension frame scaffold

An extension platform can be built at any height of the scaffold, consisting of an aluminum frame and a suspended platform, with an extension length of up to 2 meters;

3. Bridge type scaffolding

According to construction needs, scaffolding can be built on both sides, and the middle can be connected by bridges.

4. Combination scaffolding rack

On-site construction requires a large work surface, and multiple sets of aluminum scaffolding can be constructed from different directions. Combined into a large construction platform. For example, build a large construction platform of 10*10*10 meters.

5. scaffolding tower

An important advantage of scaffolding is that it can be built at a super high height. Gelant aluminum scaffolding can be built up to 40 meters or more. Generally, if a single group is more than 16 meters, auxiliary brackets need to be built as reinforcement. Considering multiple factors, multiple sets of auxiliary brackets are usually used to build.

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