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What should be paid attention to when using event truss?

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What should be paid attention to when using event truss?

The truss is a remarkably common piece of equipment, its greatest feature is the load capacity. Generally speaking, trusses can be used for all kinds of large events, not only bringing an aesthetic experience to the stage, but also allowing better interaction between performers and audience. The product we are going to introduce today is related to trusses, it is the event truss. In this article we will give a brief introduction to event trusses and some precautions on their use will be highlighted.


What considerations should be taken into account when using event truss?

The advantages of event truss

What are the event truss applications?


What considerations should be taken into account when using event truss?

·Determining the environment in which the truss will be used

The following factors need to be considered to determine the environment in which the truss will be used: truss appearance, truss length and platform length etc. Different applications require different looking trusses. For example, a small heart-shaped truss for weddings or a large outdoor truss for outdoor events. Choosing the right event truss can set the mood of the event and give participants a sense of ceremony.


·Determine the installation environment

When installing event trusses, the first thing to consider is safety. The construction of outdoor stage trusses requires attention to the levelness of the ground and the presence of large crowds at the event venue and whether it will be affected by bad weather. During construction, equipment and components required for the installation process need to be prepared in advance and all installers need to be trained with relevant experience to ensure safe preparation.


Before installing the event trusses, we need to ensure that the surfaces of all components are smooth and that there is no looseness in every joint. Our event trusses are made from industrial grade 6061 aluminium alloy, which is highly corrosion resistant and will not rust due to outdoor use.


The advantages of event truss

A complete event truss system is made up of various aluminium components in different lengths and sizes. As mentioned above, our trusses are highly resistant to corrosion. In addition to this, it has a good resistance to compression and load carrying capacity. In general, event trusses can last from 10 to 20 years, provided that they are regularly maintained.


What are the event truss applications?

There are many different types of event trusses that can be used for different event situations such as outdoor entertainment, weddings, concerts and where there is a lot of traffic. The Lighting Silver Concert Event Truss, as an example, is mainly used for small to medium sized concerts and is easy to install and transport.


The above is all the information about event trusses. In conclusion, when choosing the form of truss, the use of the truss, the material, the support method and the construction conditions should be taken into account. Our company produces a wide range of trusses, which can be selected according to the customer's needs. If you want to know more information, please follow us in time.

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