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How to install the light stand?

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How to install the light stand?

With the improvement of people's quality of life, their entertainment has begun diversified and has a variety of business activities. This is why more use of truss is more and more. The truss is a pillar having a wide range of applications. As a metal product, it can be made of iron or aluminum. Dragon Stage is an expert in truss design. The main products are aluminum truss. The aluminum truss has excellent physical properties and is therefore favored by many companies. The products we have to introduce today areLight rackIt is also one of the common truss, and its main function is to connect stage lighting equipment.

Mechanical requirements for the light stand

How does the light frame work?

Main function of the light stand

Mechanical requirements for the light stand

It is necessary to consider its stiffness and stability when designing the lighting truss. The principle of stiffness and stability calculation is also known as building mechanics. In other words, intensity and stability calculations are performed to ensure that the structure can meet security and economy requirements, which will not excessively deform and meet the requirements of use when withstanding weight. In addition, the economic aspect should be considered.

How does the light frame work?

The main function of the light truss is to connect the column aluminum truss with the beam aluminum light truss. When the sleeve is pulled by hand, the beam can drive the beam up and down. In terms of bending strength, due to the same amount of material, the beam obtains a greater anti-bending strength because the upper and lower ends are concentrated in stretching and compression portions, thereby increasing the internal force arm. Therefore, the light is highly resistant to compression.

Main function of the light stand

· Determine the type of truss

There are many types of lighting truss, and the appearance and size can be different depending on the type. Therefore, when selecting the illumination truss, the use, materials, support methods, and construction conditions should be considered to minimize the material and labor.

· Construction base

Building a base is the most important step in installing the illumination truss. First, the four bases are placed approximately about the ground, and the head is fixed to the base with a screw, and then the square sleeve is placed on the inverted head. Then, connect the desired beam and connect the end of the beam to the two square sleeve on each side.

· Building lighting system

After erecting the first base, check if the base is level. The diagonal strut extension is fixed to the base, then tighten the opposite side of the diagonal strut and the column, and tighten with the other end of the extension of the base to complete the light base. After building a stage illumination truss system, four security diagonal brackets should be installed on each column.

These are the precautions for installing the lighting truss, we also need to consider security during the installation process. When designing the lighting truss, it is important to ensure that the structure has sufficient strength and stiffness. As a professional manufacturer of lighting truss, Dragon Stage has absolute control over product quality.

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