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How to assemble stage truss?

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How to assemble stage truss?

When it comes to the stage, we have to talk about the construction of stage trusses, which play a very important role and are used on almost every stage. However, many of them do not know how to assemble them. This article will explain the steps of assembling a stage truss and give the audience a chance to sort out their doubts.


How to assemble stage truss safely?

The working principle of stage truss

The characteristics of the stage truss


How to assemble the stage truss safely?

·Determining the basic structure

The most important feature of the stage truss is its structural stability, in order to ensure stability. The first thing that needs to be done is to determine the base of stage truss, place the four bases in the approximate position on the ground, fix the head to the base with screws, and then place the square sleeve on the upside-down head. After the bases have been installed, the required beams are attached and the ends of the beams are attached to the two square sleeves on each side. At this point, the beam elements are assembled on the ground. In the next step, the post trusses are placed flat, and then one end is screwed to the counter head and the other end to the cross arms.

·Checking the plinths

After building the basic frame, we need to check that the four plinths are level. The diagonal bracket extensions are fixed to the bases. Then tighten the diagonal brackets and one end of the uprights and use the base extensions to tighten the other end to complete the lamp base. In addition to this, the erection of the stage trusses needs to be done by more than one person.


These are the methods of erecting stage trusses. In order to ensure the safety of the erection, outdoor construction in bad weather is not recommended. In addition to this, all construction personnel must be professionally trained and stage lifts must be used. Whatever safety is the first priority.


The working principle of stage truss

The principle of the stage truss is a structure with a triangular frame made of straight rods with constant geometry. Through the rational arrangement of the upper and lower chords and webs, the distribution of bending moments and shear forces within the structure can be adapted. The whole structure does not produce horizontal thrusts on the supports as the horizontal internal forces in tension and compression are balanced by themselves. Therefore, the structural arrangement of the stage truss is flexible and has a very wide range of applications.


The characteristics of the stage truss

·Convenient to carry

Our stage trusses are made of aluminium, which is half the weight of traditional iron trusses, saving more cost and effort for erection and transportation. The aluminium profile has excellent ductility in the manufacturing process and can be combined with many metal elements to create a light alloy.


Aluminium is highly resistant to corrosion, which gives our stage trusses a long service life.


Overall, aluminium trusses are more malleable and productive than other metal materials, which is a great advantage for production. When designing, stage trusses need to have good dynamics, such as earthquake and wind resistance. Our company has strict quality requirements in the production of trusses, if you need more information about our products, please stay tuned to our company.

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