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Exhibition Date: May 8 to 11, 2019

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Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Exhibition Hall

Organization: Guangdong Performing Art Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce

Organizer: Guangzhou High Efficiency Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Overview: GetShow Guangzhou (International) Performing Art Equipment, Intelligent Sound & Excellent Product Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as GetShow) is a comprehensive exhibition of professional audio and lighting equipment organized by Guangdong Performing Art Equipment Industry Association and Guangzhou Efficient Exhibition Company. . , Ltd. Exhibitors and products cover professional audio equipment and technology, professional lighting equipment and technology, professional audiovisual equipment technology, large stage equipment / devices / systems, and technology, card pack audio, public broadcasts, conference systems, LED screens, microphones , Power amplifier, stage peripheral, intelligent lighting control system, etc. The 2019 exhibition will continue to gather industry power, gather hundreds of companies to achieve massive information exchange, providing the most potential business opportunities, showing industry top technology and advanced acoustic equipment products, and provides an overall industry. The most valuable industry event.

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