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How to install event truss?

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How to install event truss?

Trusses are a common piece of load-bearing equipment that we see at concerts, proms, weddings and various large events. The advantage of trusses is that the rods are mainly subjected to tension or pressure, allowing the material to be used to its full potential, saving material and reducing the weight of the structure. The principle of a truss is also simple: it is a structure with a constant geometry made up of a number of triangular frames made of straight rods.

Although the use of trusses is very common, many people do not know how to install event trusses. This article will give you a brief overview of the installation steps of an event truss and answer your questions.


How to install an event truss correctly?

How to determine the installation environment of the event truss?

How to judge the quality of trusses?


How to install an event truss correctly?

·Determining the working environment

The installation of the base is the first step in the installation of the event truss, but before installing the base, we need to ensure that the working environment is clean and the site is cleared according to the size of the installation to be done. Connect the base to the counterhead and attach the counterhead frame to the base. Align the four holes with the screws and tighten them with the special tool.

·Connecting the approximate parts

After tightening, put the square sleeve into the opposite end. Next, place the set base on the fixed column position. Adjust the base adjustment screws to level the base and attach the crossbeam. Once connected, orient the square sleeve and connect the crossbeams so that the entire frame is formed on the floor.

·Installing the uprights

By now, all the components have been installed except for the columns. At the top of the uprights, the cross stretcher is attached with the cross bar of the hoist facing the long side of the dimension. Then, a truss-matching sling is passed through the ends from the direction of the unattached movable pins of the column and through the sling's lifting holes. Repeat the above steps to complete all installation operations.


These are all the steps for the installation of the event truss. Before installing the event truss, we need to ensure that the surface of all parts are smooth to avoid quality problems which may lead to safety accidents.


How to determine the installation environment of the event truss?

There are many factors to consider before installing the event truss. If erected on an outdoor stage, the main factor to consider is the length of the stage, which should be as long as possible. At the same time, the height of the ceiling from the floor also needs to be taken into account, and only after measuring on site can the exact design parameters be determined. In addition, it is necessary to determine the type of event truss according to the style of the installation.


How to judge the quality of trusses?

Generally speaking, quality trusses are finely welded, with regular welders and precise dimensions, so that there will be no misalignment of screw holes or misalignment of trusses with accessories. We can judge the quality of the event truss directly by the surface finish. Besides, the quality event truss is usually packed in bubble bags to ensure that the product will not be worn out in transit, which is also the main thing to be considered.

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