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Silver Aluminum Alloy Concert Stage 8'x16' (4.88x2.44m)

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this is 4x8ft modular stage, the total sizes are 16x8ft (4.88x2.44m), we have height options for client to choose: 0.4-0.8m; 0.8-1.2m; 1.2-2m with 1 stairs adjustable.
16ft by 8ft length, 12ft height stage for church shows ,worship and prayer for congregation or people
Price: 6130  -  8940
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packing weight270kg
packing volume1.4cbm1.8cbm2cbm
Aluminium assembly stagetopping: 4x8ft
wooden4 pcs
1.22m stage brace6 pcs
2.44m stage brace6 pcs
stand with extendable tube9 pcs
Stage adjustable base9 pcs
Stage Stairwooden toppingtotal8steps1 pcs

A silver aluminum alloy concert stage is a type of stage used for hosting musical concerts, performances, and events. It refers to a stage structure that is constructed primarily using aluminum alloy materials and has a silver color or finish.

Aluminum alloy is a popular choice for constructing concert stages due to its lightweight yet sturdy properties. It provides strength and stability while being relatively easy to transport, assemble, and disassemble. The silver color or finish gives the stage a sleek and professional appearance, making it visually appealing to the audience.

The design and configuration of a silver aluminum alloy concert stage can vary depending on the specific requirements of the event and the available space. It typically consists of modular components that can be interlocked and assembled to create a platform of the desired size and shape. The stage may have adjustable legs to accommodate different height requirements or uneven ground surfaces.

Additionally, silver aluminum alloy concert stages can be equipped with various features to enhance the overall performance experience. This may include integrated lighting systems, sound equipment, ramps or stairs for accessibility, and other accessories like guardrails or backdrops.

When setting up a concert stage, it is important to consider factors such as load-bearing capacity, safety measures, and compliance with local regulations or venue specifications. Hiring professional stage designers or production companies with experience in staging events can ensure the construction and setup of a silver aluminum alloy concert stage is done efficiently and safely.

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