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4 Years with Me —— Dragontruss Company

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I am Doreen from Foshan Dragontruss, before early this year, our company name was Guangzhou Dragontruss. Our company is a over 13 years export manufacturer in  truss,stage and scaffolding , which are used for big concert projects.


In these years, I have witnessed Dragontruss got good praises from clients. I am be a member of Dragontruss international sales team for over 4 years,I’ve really enjoyed the sales career here. Because of my hard work, I can give much assistance to those people who devote to performance services with supplying professional performance truss structure and high-quality products around the world .


By far, our main products are including truss system, portable stage and aluminum scaffolding.


Aluminum truss,which is made of aluminum alloy material,used for hanging lighting devices ,audio equipment in outdoor & indoor events, it is a main frame of the whole stage project, giving customized-design outline of a gorgeous performance effects.


As to our Aluminum portable stage, on which people can dance or perform. It is pieced up by units, and each unit can be divided into standard components.It is easy to install and remove.And as for its good loading capacity, it even can be used for a vehicle show.


For our Scaffolding,it is mainly applied for building renovation and installation works. Due to its raw material adopts aluminum ally, it is light-weight and sturdy. equipped with the caster, the scaffolding can be easy to move as needed to different applications. As it is same to stage, scaffold is also made up by standard parts, it can be fast to install.


Our company Dragontruss has Exhibited more than 20 times in USA,China and India. Using high quality raw materials and standard producing skills, We have qualified by TUV and ISO.


I am really enjoying working here, dreaming my products shall be used in a shining concert performance. it feels like I have bathed in the beautiful melodies.


If you have questions or want to contact, please email me at

I am here wishing to be your friend.

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