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what are Common types of lighting fixtures in theaters

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what are Common types of lighting fixtures in theaters

Spotlight - A spotlight used on stage refers to the use of a flat convex condenser in front of the lamp. This type of lamp can adjust the size of the light spot, resulting in a more concentrated beam of light, while the diffused light next to it is relatively small, with a power of 0.5W to 5KW. The focal length can be long, medium, or short, and the distance of the viewing distance can be selected according to needs.


Rib light - also known as soft light, but in the television industry, this type of light is called a spotlight. In terms of stage, in order to distinguish the flat convex spotlight from the above, it is scattered and soft, so it has a large diffuse area. Sometimes, in order to control its diffuse light, a cover page is added in front of the mirror to block it. Its characteristic is that the light area is large, unlike the obvious spot feeling of a spotlight, with a close range and various powers such as 1KW and 2KW.

rib light

Echo light - This type of light has no lenses in front and completely emits light from the larger reflector at the back. With the same 2KW light bulb, its brightness is brighter than the spotlight. In addition, black centers often appear in the center during dimming. To avoid black centers, a circular baffle is added to the center of the front end of the light, which emits a large spot that is not easily retracted.

echo light

Imaging lamp - also known as forming lamp or ellipsoidal spotlight. There are various beam angles that can be selected and applied according to needs. The main feature is the ability to cut the light spot into various shapes such as squares, diamonds, triangles, or project the required pattern patterns, similar to a slide, and the power can also be configured with options such as 1KW and 2KW.

imaging light

Simple lamp, also known as PAR lamp, is constructed by installing a mirror shaped bulb inside a cylinder or a reflective bowl filled with brominated tungsten bubbles. Its main characteristic is to emit a relatively fixed beam of light, with multiple beam angles and adjustable spot sizes.

simple light

Skylight - A high-power astigmatic light used to illuminate the sky from top to bottom, requiring brightness and balance, with a large illumination area.

sky light

Floor lamp - a high-power astigmatic lamp used to place on the stage surface, with the lower part of the canopy facing upwards and connected to the light emitted by the ceiling lamp, evenly distributed up and down.

floor lamp

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