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what are Common Types of Lighting Fixtures in Conference Halls

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what are Common Types of Lighting Fixtures in Conference Halls

Conference halls require specific types of lighting fixtures to ensure appropriate illumination and create a suitable ambiance. Here are two commonly used types of lighting fixtures in conference halls:

Recessed Flat Panel Lights

  1. Recessed Flat Panel Lights:Recessed flat panel lights are essential for providing even illumination on the main stage, the ceiling, and the background areas. These lights should be densely placed to achieve uniform lighting. The illumination on the main stage should be at least twice as bright as the audience area. Flat panel lights on the ceiling should be glare-free and preferably have a color temperature of 4000K warm white light. This color temperature enhances visibility and creates a comfortable atmosphere for attendees.

    Pendant Flat Panel Conference Lights

  2. Pendant Flat Panel Conference Lights:Pendant flat panel lights are designed to hang from the ceiling and are typically used in conference rooms with high ceilings, such as multipurpose halls. These lights come with black casings and are often equipped with black shades. When suspended high above the conference room, the black casings are visible from below. However, unlike recessed lights, these pendant lights lack the discreetness and aesthetics, and they require complicated maintenance and upkeep in the long run.

It's important to choose the appropriate lighting fixtures based on the specific requirements of the conference hall. Proper lighting not only ensures clear visibility for speakers and attendees but also contributes to the overall ambiance of the space.

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