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comparison between flight case and ordinary trolley case

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comparison between flight case and ordinary trolley case

flightcase manufacturers: the comaprison of flight case and ordinary trolley case

First, the size is different, the general trolley case is not large in size, no more than 20×40×55 cm, and the flight case is generally about 1 meter in length according to different designs.

Second, the load-bearing capacity is different. The load-bearing capacity of a general suitcase will not exceed 20Kg, but a flight case can load up to 490Kg, because a common PU wheel has a load-bearing capacity of 130Kg, and a flight case is generally equipped with 4 wheels.

Third, the materials are different. The commonly used material for the trolley case is leather, with a piece of cardboard in the middle, or a very thin aluminum plate, while the flight case uses a fireproof board with a thickness of 9MM or more; the inside of the flight case is EVA, and It will also strengthen the bottom plate.

Therefore, if you have special packaging requirements, it is recommended that you use an flightcase.

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