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How much do event flight cases cost?

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 How much do event flight cases cost?

the cost of a event aluminum and plywood flight case can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the size, material, level of customization, and the brand.

For a small, standard flight case, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200. However, larger, more complex cases with custom foam inserts or special features can cost several hundred to several thousand dollars.

For ordinary event flightcase, I mean the storage flightcase for stage lightings, equipments or wires without divisions, you can use this equation:

total flightcase area meters x 25USD+40USD

Additionally, higher-end brands such as Pelican, SKB, and Gator typically charge more for their cases due to their reputation for durability and quality.

Overall, the cost of a flight case is highly dependent on the specific requirements of the item being transported, and the level of protection needed.

for us a flightcase factory, we shall caculate the costs of flightcase based on following points:

  1. total area meters of the flightcase, materal thickness;

  2. number of casters and sizes of casters, bracke or no brake;

  3. handles quantity and quality and sizes;

  4. portion boards;

  5. lining and its thickness;

  6. custom production requirements;

  7. other small parts requirements and quanitities.

if you need custom event flightcase, you are welcome to contact us for specific quotation.

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