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why aluminum scaffolding is multifunctional

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why aluminum scaffolding is multifunctional

Why can aluminum scaffolding be called multi-functional scaffolding? There are three reasons.

Aluminum alloy scaffolding can also be called aluminum alloy door frame, because it can stack the height like a door frame. You can also choose narrow and wide aluminum alloy frames according to the site, and you can also install straight or inclined ladders. Aluminum alloy multifunctional scaffolding can be used in construction, as well as stage, cleaning, concerts, etc., because of its mobile function.

1) Movable and fixed. The conventional accessories of aluminum alloy scaffolding are casters. Casters with brakes belong to the universal type, so they are very convenient to move. When the construction height exceeds 30 meters or the load-bearing requirements are high, the bottom casters can also be replaced with foot supports for better stability.

2) It can be installed in different styles. According to the actual needs of high-altitude engineering operations, set up bridges in shopping malls and swimming pools; hang floating in airports, hospitals, and theaters; set up towers in buildings, hotels, and schools; in power plants, electric power, civil aviation, and petrochemicals Special industries such as, shipbuilding and other industries are set up as a modular type; there are also single-width, double-width, cantilever, suspension and so on. In general, aluminum alloy multifunctional scaffolding can be composed of various styles and shapes.

3) Applicable places are very wide. The industries mentioned above are only a small part. Narrow working spaces, such as doors, elevators, boilers, and water tanks; large spaces such as exhibitions, railways, etc., can be perfectly coped with.

In addition to good material and light weight, aluminum alloy multifunctional scaffolding has the characteristics of strong structure, good interchangeability, simple and fast installation, and belongs to the type of light high-altitude operation equipment. Although the method of use is very simple, the erection and dismantling must be performed by trained professional shelf workers who hold certificates; non-special operators are not allowed to engage in erection operations. And before entering the construction site, the scaffold must pass the quality inspection, and the inspection is up to the standard. With a quality inspection report.

The new multifunctional scaffold greatly saves manpower and materials. And from the safety point of view, the traditional steel scaffolding is greatly improved, and it has great development advantages in high-rise buildings: it can save costs and achieve higher benefits. Although the one-time purchase cost is higher than that of ordinary shelf pipes, in the long run, the actual average annual cost is much lower.

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