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why aluminum scaffolding is getting popular

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why aluminum scaffolding is getting popular

Aluminum scaffolding is a kind of lightweight and sturdy high-altitude equipment for the construction industry. 

It has high strength, reliability, durability and safety. It can be folded and moved, and it is easy to install and disassemble. There are various sizes, mini, single-width and double-width types, which means that scaffolding can be used in home and commercial fields. 

Applicable people: decorators, plumbers, electricians, painters, carpenters, air-conditioning installers, maintenance workers, etc.; 

applicable areas: maintenance walkways, televisions, construction sites, roof passages, highways, airports, shopping malls, custom walkways , Suspended walkways, swimming pools, theaters, stadiums, sundries, aviation, museums, factories, power plants, hospitals, atriums, shopping malls, railways, subways, machine maintenance, bridges, housing pouring supports, outdoor advertising.

Why aluminum scaffolding will become a leader in high-altitude equipment in the construction industry?

1) The components are simple and won't be lost to cause waste of accessories.

2) Simple installation, saving construction cost.

3) Simple to use, no electrical equipment, directly up and down, no other operations are required.

4) The load-bearing capacity is strong, strong and safe. The load-bearing capacity per square meter is 200kg, and the load-bearing capacity of the whole tower is 1000kg. The triangle principle has super high stability.

5) Reduce transportation costs-required vehicle size and fuel.

6) Less labor required for on-site operations-manpower, crane costs, safety/lifting incidents are minimized.

7) Reduce the labor required for installation and disassembly-this means fewer technicians (skilled operators) and fewer man-hours.

8) Easier handling of components-lighter parts are easier to assemble.

9) Faster assembly-aluminum alloy scaffolding rises very quickly.

10) When the weight of the scaffold directly affects the substrate or needs to be transported in a weight-limited area, aluminum is the preferred material.

11) It is less likely to damage the surrounding engineering/environment.

Most people in the construction industry find that the portability alone gives aluminum scaffolding an advantage. The additional benefits of safety, operability and flexibility make it the preferred aerial work equipment.

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