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what is Other Equipment for Lighting

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what is Other Equipment for Lighting

In addition to lighting fixtures, there are several peripheral devices crucial to the functioning and control of lighting systems. Here are some commonly used lighting peripheral equipment:

  1. Control Consoles:Control consoles are computerized or manual devices used for editing, recording, and controlling the brightness and various effects of lighting using the international standard 512 signal. They are classified into digital dimming consoles and analog dimming consoles. Notable manufacturers of lighting control consoles worldwide include Avolites from the UK, MA Lighting from Germany, High End System (Flying Pig consoles) from the USA, and Compulite from Israel. Avolites' Pearl series consoles have been widely used in China, while MA Lighting's MA series consoles are popular in large-scale performances due to their network advantages.DMX384 Console for Moving Head Beam Lamp Par Lamp Stage Dimmer (1)

  2. DMX512 Signal Distribution Amplifiers:DMX512 signal distribution amplifiers are devices used to strengthen signals between the console and lighting fixtures for stable signal transmission over long distances. These amplifiers come in various types such as 1-in-4-out, 1-in-6-out, 1-in-8-out, etc., chosen based on the actual layout of lighting fixtures. It's essential to note that these devices only strengthen signal transmission and do not increase the number of channels.

    DMX512 Signal Distribution Amplifiers

  3. Network Processing Unit (NPU):The network processing unit is equipped with a CPU similar to the console, possessing powerful network computing capabilities that convert network signals into DMX signals. An NPU can process thousands of channel parameters in real-time and supports various lighting protocols such as DMX512, ART-NET, and ACN. NPUs are mainly used to expand and increase the number of channels.

    Network Processing Unit

  4. Power Distribution Boxes:Power distribution boxes, also known as power distribution cabinets, are used to connect power for other electrical devices. They typically include components like residual current devices, overcurrent protectors, and thermal protectors, making them suitable for mobile performance venues. Their main functions include providing convenient power access for equipment, centralizing power supply for easy maintenance, serving as large power strips, offering various wiring methods such as parallel and series connections, and some models have voltage stabilization and lightning protection features.

Power Distribution Boxes

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