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what are Common Types of Lighting Fixtures in Entertainment Bars

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what are Common Types of Lighting Fixtures in Entertainment Bars

Entertainment bars utilize a variety of lighting fixtures to create vibrant atmospheres and enhance the overall experience for patrons. Here are some commonly used types of lighting fixtures in entertainment bars:

1. Beam Lights:Beam lights focus the light source to emit concentrated beams, creating a spotlight effect. These lights often include features like color palettes (n+1:n colors + 1 white), pattern discs (n+1:n patterns + 1 white), strobing (0-12/20 times per second), focus adjustment, atomization, and prisms (single or double). They are known for their intense beam effects, adding a dynamic feel to the bar environment.

beam light

2. Strobe Lights:Strobe lights, also known as flash lights, flicker at regular intervals, creating a flashing effect. They are used to generate flashing and pulsating atmospheres, complementing dynamic music and stirring emotions.

led strobe light

3.Pattern (profile) Lights:Pattern lights offer various colorful pattern effects. These lights typically have 1-2 pattern discs that can be customized and replaced. They come with features like beam focus and zoom, ensuring clear and adjustable patterns. Additionally, they may include color palettes, strobing, atomization, prisms, and other functions.

profile light

4. MADRIX Pixel Strips:MADRIX pixel strips are controlled through a system that manipulates the circuits inside FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) to control LED strip effects, such as blinking, chasing, changing colors, running clockwise/counterclockwise, single-color chasing, color-changing chasing, single LED chasing from start to end, flowing patterns, simulated lightning, etc. They can display text, letters, images, animations, etc., based on customer requirements.

MADRIX Pixel Strips

5. Laser Lights:Laser lights automatically project various laser beams, patterns, and text according to the rhythm of the music. They are widely used in stages, dance floors, bars, KTVs, home parties, etc. Laser lights come in different types, including single-color lasers, dual-color/tri-color/full-color lasers, starry sky lasers, firefly lasers, and animation lasers. They can have different numbers of laser heads: single-head lasers, double-head lasers, triple-head/four-head/five-head lasers. Laser lights also vary in power; higher power allows for coverage of larger spaces but comes at a higher price. Professional laser performance software like German Phoenix Software (PHOENIX) or American Pangolin Software (PANGOLIN) can be used to control these lights.

laser light

6. Other Effect Lights:Other effect lights commonly used in entertainment bars include 1915 moving head wash lights, 3610 moving head wash lights, 1040 long bar scanning/focusing lights, and 19-LED honeycomb lights, among others.

19 beads bee light1040 scanning light1915 moving wash light3610 moving wash light

These diverse lighting fixtures contribute to the lively and dynamic atmosphere of entertainment bars, enhancing the overall enjoyment of patrons.

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