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What is the characteristic of stage truss?

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What is the characteristic of stage truss?

Stage truss is a typical product of modern industry, it has a wide range of applications and can be considered as essential equipment for stage performances, it is a mover on-stage performances, not only as a stage performance to liven up the atmosphere, but also has a long service life. The characteristic of the stage truss will be highlighted in this article. In addition, some notes on the use of stage trusses will also be presented.


The main advantages of the stage truss

The reasons for using stage truss

What are the precautions when installing a stage truss?


The main advantages of the stage truss

·Easy to use

Our trusses are made of aluminium alloy for easy transportation. In addition, the design, production, and installation of stage trusses are easy, with convenient construction and fast building, which can reduce labour costs to a certain extent.


·Wide range of applications

Our stage trusses have good pressure resistance and load capacity. At the same time, it can be used in a wide range of applications, such as on large party stages or in places where there are many people.


In addition to the advantages mentioned above, our stage trusses are also portable. As it is an aluminium product, it is lightweight and half the weight of a traditional iron truss. In addition, the principle of the stage truss is based on a number of geometrically shaped structures made of straight rods and therefore has a high degree of stability.


The reasons for using a stage truss

With the development of the times, many of today's stages are built using a stage lighting truss system, no matter what size of the stage. Stage trusses can be found in theatres, concerts, performing arts, or trade shows, arenas, and stadiums. Our stage trusses are strictly guaranteed in terms of quality. As a result, our stage trusses have the characteristics of being highly customizable and high quality. When it comes to manufacturing trusses, we have an experienced and professional design team that can draft drawings and provide professional advice regarding customized designs within 24 hours according to our clients' needs.


What are the precautions when installing a stage truss?

·Safety notes

Although the installation of stage trusses is not complicated, we need to pay attention to safety matters and any operator must be trained for a certain period of time and must not operate without permission. In addition, it is not recommended to carry out outdoor construction in bad weather. Therefore, try to avoid typhoon weather and add more safety measures such as adding diagonal bracing, cable ties, reducing lateral exposure to wind, etc. In case additional safety cannot be provided, the activity can be stopped. Alternatively, lower the trusses to the lowest possible level, which is done to reduce the risk of accidents.


·Operational experience is required

Any stage you choose needs to be legally qualified to operate in order to do so. Stand builders without legal qualifications should never be chosen. It is also necessary to have professional construction and installation technical team, and not to change the building method at will during the building process.


This is all the information about the stage truss, do you already have a certain understanding of our products? We have more than 12 years of experience in the production of trusses. If you want to know more about our products, please keep an eye on our company.

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