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Understanding Lighting Accessories

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Understanding Lighting Accessories

Stage lighting fixtures are complex systems consisting of multiple components, broadly categorized into three major systems: 1. Electronic System, 2. Mechanical System, and 3. Optical System.

  1. Electronic System:The electronic system comprises components such as control circuit boards, switch power supplies, sensors, etc.

    • Control Circuit Boards: Responsible for implementing all channel functions and effects of the light. It includes display boards and driver boards (LED drivers, fan drivers, motor drivers).

      1. Display board. The display of all information, functional operation settings, and signal transmission and reception are all completed by a display board. According to the type of display components, they can be further divided into: a). LED digital tubes. b) LCD liquid crystal screen (monochrome and color). c) OLED screenLED board

    • 2. Driver board (motherboard). The function of the drive board is to drive loads such as stepper motors, LED beads, fans, etc.

    drive board

    • Switch Power Supplies: The heart of the entire lighting system, providing stable power. Parameters considered include input voltage (wide voltage range), power rating (sufficient margin), stable output voltage, and current.

  2. Mechanical System:The mechanical system forms the main structural framework of the light, akin to a human skeleton. It includes sheet metal components, motors, various effect discs, etc.

    • Sheet Metal Components: These provide the framework and housing for the light, ensuring stability and protection of internal components.

    • Motors: Used for moving parts within the light fixture.

    • Effect Discs: Various discs and plates used to create specific lighting effects.

      mechanical parts

  3. Optical System:The optical system encompasses components that dictate the light's brightness, clarity, beam size, uniformity, color sharpness, etc. It includes light sources, reflectors, heat shields, CMY(CTO) filters, focusing lenses, magnifying lenses, and output lenses.

    • Light Bulb Sources: Traditional light sources in fixtures.

    • Reflectors: Direct and shape light output.

    • CMY(CTO) Filters: Filters used to adjust color temperature and create a range of colors.

    • Focusing Lenses: Lenses used to focus or disperse light beams.

    • Magnifying Lenses: Lenses that magnify light or create specific effects.

    • Output Lenses: Lenses through which light is emitted.

      optical parts

In summary, the electronic system serves as the heart and soul of the lighting fixture, ensuring its proper functioning and stability. The mechanical system forms the structural foundation, supporting and protecting internal components. The optical system, perhaps the most crucial, determines the quality and characteristics of the light produced, directly impacting the success of the fixture. Each of these systems and their components play a vital role in creating effective and captivating stage lighting.

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