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Tips for aluminum truss you should know

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Tips for aluminum truss you should know

Tips for aluminum truss you should know

Truss frame can solve the problem of high-altitude operation in enterprises. It can be overlapped according to actual needs. There are two width specifications: width and width. The narrow frame can be overlapped on the narrow ground, which is convenient and flexible. He can meet the requirements of high-altitude operation. He is a good helper for high-altitude operation in enterprises in narrow spaces such as wall corners and stairs. It is forbidden to use aluminum alloy scaffold under the condition of physical fatigue, drug abuse, alcohol abuse or physical disability. The ladder shall be placed on a solid and smooth ground.

It is forbidden to use truss frame and metal ladder to conduct electricity in strong wind, so as to avoid being close to places with electric field. When climbing, people hold their hands tightly, face the ladder, and keep their body weight in the center of the two ladder pillars. When working, do not stand on the ladder within 1 meter from the top of the ladder. Always maintain a safety height of 1m, let alone climb the top support point. Don't go over your head when doing your homework, so as not to lose your balance and become dangerous. It is forbidden to pass directly from one side of the ladder to the other.

Truss frame is light in weight and easy to install, transport and store. The weight of the scaffold is only 1 / 3 of that of the traditional steel scaffold, so there is no need to worry about crushing the ground. The connection strength of components is high and stable, the design of supporting mechanism is scientific, and the overall structure is safe and stable. The destructive pull-out force of Guanyu scaffold joint is 4100-4400kg, which is far greater than the allowable pull-out force of 2100Kg. The maximum bearing capacity of 12 meter high double width frame is up to 500kg. The whole structure adopts the "building block" combination design, and the components are standardized without components. Without any installation tools, two workers can build an aerial work platform with a height of 20 meters in a short time.

Truss frame needs to clean the ladder regularly to prevent some chemicals from corroding the surface of the ladder. Check the connectors regularly and add lubricating oil if necessary. If the ladder material is bent, broken or the joint does not work properly, be sure to contact the manufacturer for professional maintenance. Harsh environmental conditions will reduce the service life of the ladder. Generally speaking, the service life of the ladder is 2 years indoors and 1 year outdoors.

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