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How to maintain light truss?

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How to maintain light truss?

With the development of society, a variety of materials and props begin to appear in different occasions. With the development of metal processing, the metal products made of different materials have begun, the truss is a good example. In recent years, the increase in the number of large-scale activities at home and abroad has led to more and more use of truss. The products we have to introduce today areLight trussIt is a truss.

What is a light truss?

Conventional method for maintaining light truss

What are the precautions using light truss?

What is a light truss?

Light truss is a light truss, which is characterized by simple and easy to use, its main purpose is to keep light. Typically, the truss is used in conjunction with illumination, which is of great significance for various events.

For stage performances, the light is essential. The use of the light truss creates the stage space and time, shaping the external image of the stage performance and provides the necessary lighting effect.

Conventional method for maintaining light truss

· How to clean the lamp stand?

Light truss is aluminum products, so it is necessary to pay attention when in use. Due to long-term use, the light truss may be attached to foreign objects, and due to outdoor use, it may be stained with rain. When wiping the truss, use the soft cloth, do not rub it to the bottom. At the same time, you should gently wipe this area with foreign objects to reduce friction and use neutrical cleaners to prevent damage to the surface of the lamp holder.

· How to store light truss?

Light truss is lightweight and easy to transport. When not in use, we can best store the truss in the indoor constant temperature and humidity warehouse to avoid corrosion of the wind and daylight.

· Wipe the requirements of the truss

It is not recommended to wipe the lighting truss because it may damage its surface. It is well known that friction can damage the truss itself, so it is not always wiped often.

These are precautions for light truss maintenance. The utilization rate of the light truss is high and it will experience multiple uses multiple times. During transportation, the collision should be avoided, otherwise scratches and deformations are prone to occur, thereby affecting the stability and load capacity of light truss.

What are the precautions using light truss?

· Safety instructions

The light truss is used as a stage truss, has been used multiple times. It is used to support background or lighting, etc. Every time you disassemble and install, it will inevitably cause damage, so we need to check it more frequently, so as to avoid component wear, resulting in safety incidents.

· Define the use scenario

There are many types of light truss, and the size is different, and it is necessary to purchase according to the specific circumstances used. For example, concert light truss and church light truss have different design styles. It is important to choose the right light truss to avoid an atmosphere of the activity.

All in all, light truss is an important part of performance space composition, which is very important to take care of them. With many of its advantages, it is widely used in various occasions. Our company strict quality control on light truss, if you need more information about our products, please pay attention to us.

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