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How to maintain aluminum truss?

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How to maintain aluminum truss?

With the advancement of industrial technology, an increasing number of metal products have started to appear in different fields. Today we would like to introduce a metal product called aluminium truss, a product made of oil 6061 aluminium alloy. Although aluminium trusses have a wide range of applications, many people do not know how to maintain them, and this article will sort out the doubts for you.


The basics of aluminium

The main functions of aluminum truss

How to maintain aluminum truss effectively?


The basics of aluminium

The element aluminium is the most abundant metallic element in the earth's crust. The development of three important industries - aviation, construction and automotive - requires material characteristics with the unique properties of aluminium and its alloys, which greatly facilitates the production and application of this new metal, aluminium. At present, aluminium profile products have become one of the mainstream products of modern industry. Aluminium products have great strength, corrosion resistance and ductility, so many advantages make aluminium alloys the prime choice for the modern metal industry.


The main functions of aluminum truss

The aluminium truss is used to connect the column aluminium truss with the beam aluminium lighting frame, mainly consisting of various lengths and specifications of aluminium truss, base, counter head, inclined support, square sleeve, cross stretcher, hoist, sling and other components. The base of the aluminium truss is mainly used to stabilise the ground, while the counter head of the aluminium truss is used when the height is high, so that the counter head can be used to erect a higher height.


Aluminium trusses are a widely used load bearing equipment for commercial events, shows and exhibitions. Aluminium trusses can be erected in different sizes depending on the venue used. Compared to iron trusses, aluminium trusses are more durable and lighter in focus for easy transportation.


How to maintain aluminum truss effectively?

·Cleaning and repair

Although aluminium trusses are highly resistant to corrosion, in order to prevent the appearance of rust. We can spray it with anti-rust paint or wax it. If there is a stain we use a fine soft cloth to gently wipe and rub the dirty area, we can use a neutral cleaning agent, it is better not to use water to clean directly.

·Repair after damage

When using aluminium trusses, we need to check them regularly. During routine inspection, if any damage is found to the aluminium truss, make sure to check the damaged part of the welding carefully and contact the manufacturer for replacement in time. Do not operate it on your own to prevent safety accidents during the performance.


To sum up, aluminium alloy truss has many advantages, and aluminium alloy truss is widely used in various modern industries such as stage performance, exhibition and civil engineering industry. Before buying aluminium trusses, it is important to check the quality of the product carefully and try to choose a manufacturer with a high reputation to avoid quality problems.

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