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How to install aluminum truss?

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How to install aluminum truss?

With the diversification of people's lifestyles, an increasing number of companies are attracting customers by organizing various commercial events and performances. Aluminium trusses are used in almost every large show and can be considered as a vital presence in large events. This article will provide a brief introduction and analysis of aluminium trusses in relation to their advantages and applications.


The main components of aluminum truss

The specific steps of installing aluminum truss

What are the aluminum truss applications?


The main components of aluminum truss


The base is the core equipment of the aluminium truss. When installing aluminium trusses, we first need to install the base, which is mainly used for ground stabilisation.

·Inclined support

The inclined support is used to support the entire system of the aluminium truss, its main function is to support and prevent instability.

·Cross brace

At the top of the truss, it is mainly used to hang the hoist, it is mainly used to maintain a certain safety distance.


It is used when the height of the truss is high so that it can be erected at a higher height.


The structure of aluminium is not complex and its main function is to provide load-bearing capacity. Therefore, the load carrying capacity of aluminium trusses has been tested time and time again in terms of design. Apart from the basic components mentioned above, aluminium trusses are also generally used with hoists and straps. In the next sectio, we will explain how to install the aluminium truss correctly.


The specific steps of installing aluminum truss

·Set up the bases

First, arrange the four bases in a rough position on the floor and adjust the legs underneath so that they are on a level surface, choosing as solid a plane as possible to ensure that the stage is safe. Insert the bottom part of the diagonal supports on the outside of the bases at the four corners and screw the counter heads to the bases, taking care that the direction of rotation of the counter heads is the same as marked in the diagram.

·Attaching the crossbeam

Attach the beams to the floor, taking care that the links are secure. Then connect the two ends of the crossbeam to the two square sleeves on each side, the crossbeam is now assembled on the ground. After attaching the column trusses lying flat, all the assembly work is completed.


When installing the aluminium truss, the operator must be professionally trained and must not operate it without permission, and the equipment used is the lifting table. After erecting the stage lighting truss system, four safety diagonal supports should be installed on each column.


What are the aluminum truss applications?

Aluminium trusses have many advantages, such as easy installation, movement, storage, and transport. It is also lightweight, has a high load capacity and is easy to move, and can be pushed to any workplace. Aluminium trusses have become the first choice for large events and can be found in theatres, concerts, performing arts, or trade shows, stages, and stadiums. Aluminium trusses have a long life span of 10 years or more without any problems.

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