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How to clean led truss?

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How to clean led truss?

With the development of the times, an increasing number of people are becoming interested in how to make use of large equipment. There are different types of large equipment that can play an important role in different situations. For example, led trusses can set the mood and drive the rhythm at various events or parties. led trusses are one of the main components of various events, and they are designed with high requirements in terms of safety and appearance. This article will focus on how to clean the led truss.


How to clean led truss effectively?

Why use the led truss?

How to judge the quality of led trusses?


How to clean led truss effectively?

·Cleaning agent selection

The choice of cleaning agent is preferably neutral, as neutral cleaning agents will not corrode it and can effectively protect the oxide film on the surface of the truss and keep the surface of the truss shiny as new.


·Use a fine soft cloth

It is worth noting that the surface of led truss is usually galvanised and wiping it with a rag will lose the glossiness of the metal surface. If you need to wipe the surface, please use a fine soft cloth to reduce scratches to the aluminium truss.


·Anti-corrosion treatment

To prevent corrosion or rusting of the led trusses. We need to spray wax or apply anti-rust paint for maintenance. After cleaning the led trusses, air dry them and store them in a dry storage area.


The above is the cleaning method of led truss, led belongs to aluminium alloy product, so we need to use the way of cleaning aluminium alloy to treat it. When cleaning led trusses, aluminium can be cleaned with a solution made by mixing a small amount of detergent with warm water. In addition to dishwashing liquid, some liquid soap effects are also a good option. This method will remove any dirt or other contaminants from the exterior of the part and give a cleaner appearance.


Why use the led truss?

The led truss is an aluminium alloy truss, which is a widely used prop for performances, exhibitions and events. It has many advantages, such as portability, light weight, durability and customisability. In terms of practicality, the led truss is a necessary device to hold the led screen. Therefore, it is also the primary choice for many companies to promote their events.


How to judge the quality of led trusses?


The surface of the aluminium alloy has a good oxidation treatment. When buying it, you can lightly scratch the surface of the profile to see if the oxidation film can be wiped off.



Check the surface of the aluminium alloy profile, there should be no dents or bulges. The surface of aluminium profiles processed by regular manufacturers will be flat. If it is a small workshop, due to the machine or raw material, the surface of the profile will be slightly concave and convex, such led trusses are not durable.


The above is the selection precautions of led truss, as led truss is an aluminium product, we can directly observe the quality of aluminium through performance. When choosing the form of truss, we should consider the usage, material, support method and construction conditions of the truss, only when these conditions are met, we can buy a suitable led truss.

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