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How Do You Design The Best Church Stage?

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How Do You Design The Best Church Stage?

Modern worship requires a versatile stage design. The stage design of contemporary church changes every few weeks, but portable churches only need simple, lightweight designs that last a couple of days. The versatility of the stage design may be just as important as the look and feel of it. Here are easy ways that you should follow to provide your church stage with the best look and feel.  


How Do You Design The Best Church Stage?


Keep Stage Elements as Light as Possible


As part of the versatility of the design, the staging elements' weight also plays an important role. It is difficult to set and strike plywood and other heavy/bulky materials. Drapes are an easy way to divide spaces and can be easily moved. In cases where you wish to divide the stage, create an effect, or simply hide some parts, drapes can be used. 


Portability is Essential


Keeping everything possible on wheels is a must for any flexible stage design. That way, anything that must move can be moved swiftly, easily, and safely. There will not be enough volunteers always so you can't rely on them. Most professionally built platforms have options to include a wheel. In that case, using a portable stage is the best option to provide a versatile look to your church stage.


Organize and Simplify


Another thing to keep in mind is to keep the stage clean and organized. The goal of staging versatility is to make it as simple as possible. When problems arise, and you must troubleshoot, simplicity will serve you best for finding, diagnosing, and solving the problem.


Proper Lighting 


You can produce dramatic effects and create designs by using different lighting techniques. You can make your stage appear more spacious by placing stage lights in the corners and along with the back barriers. You can only create a stage that is event-friendly with proper lighting. 


Give Your elegant look


 You can create various designs for your church service by using decorative items. There are many shapes, sizes, and colors of PVC pipe, an excellent visual effect prop that will not cost much. Using horizontal white pipes placed a few inches apart, you can create a neat effect of projecting images onto a wall. The use of balloons must decorate churches has become popular in recent years. Different designs are often seen on birthday celebrations and holidays, so why not use them on your church stage? Furthermore, you can use origami design; different art installations will help you create a versatile stage. 


Use Backdrops 


Creative backdrops will give your stage depth. Consider backgrounds that have depth and visual interest rather than flat-colored ones. With the right placement of colored backgrounds, the space can be made more attractive and even larger. Another option is to use drapery to create backgrounds. 


Final Thoughts


You should keep your church stage simple and organized. Create a budget-friendly stage design with little tricks. An organized and planned design will provide your church stage with a desirable look. 

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