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Aluminum alloy scaffold can solve the problem of high-altitude operation

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Aluminum alloy scaffold can solve the problem of high-altitude operation

All aluminum alloy scaffolds are made of special aluminum alloy, which is 75% lighter than the traditional steel frame. High joint strength: the new cold working process of internal expansion and external pressure is adopted. The pull-out force of scaffold joint is very large, far exceeding the allowable pull-out force range. The installation is simple and fast. It is equipped with high-strength casters and can be removed. The overall structure adopts "block" combined design without any installation tools.

Aluminum alloy scaffold can solve the problem of high-altitude operation in enterprises. It can be overlapped according to actual needs. There are two width specifications: width and width. The narrow frame can be overlapped on the narrow ground, which is convenient and flexible. He can meet the requirements of high-altitude operation. He is a good helper for high-altitude operation in enterprises in narrow spaces such as wall corners and stairs.

Scaffold is a working platform to ensure the smooth progress of the construction process. According to different sites, it can be divided into wood scaffold, bamboo scaffold and steel pipe scaffold; According to the structural form, it is divided into vertical pole scaffold, bridge scaffold, portal scaffold, suspended scaffold, hanging scaffold, cantilever scaffold and climbing scaffold.

For different types of engineering construction, scaffolds for different purposes shall be selected. The use of bowl scaffold is the main form of bridge support, and there are also portal scaffolds. In the construction of main structure, fastener scaffold is mainly used.

Compared with the general structure, the aluminum alloy scaffold has the following characteristics:

1. The load variation is large.

2. The fastener joint is semi-rigid, its stiffness is related to the fastener quality and installation quality, and its performance changes greatly.

3. The scaffold structure and components have defects such as initial bending, corrosion, installation dimension error, load eccentricity and so on.

4. The connection point with the wall has greater restrictions on the scaffold. The research on the above problems lacks systematic accumulation and statistical data, and there is no condition for independent probability analysis. Therefore, the value of structural resistance multiplied by an adjustment factor less than 1 can be accurately calibrated with the safety factor used in the past. Therefore, the design method adopted in this specification is actually a semi probabilistic and semi empirical design method. The scaffold meets the structural requirements specified in this specification, which is the basic condition of design and calculation.

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